Building Your SFI Business

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You just joined SFI now what do you do?

To start off you will want to get to the rank of EA (executive affiliate) which you do by generating 1500 VP (VersaPoints). This can be done by doing the actions on your to do list on a daily basis. You also can earn points by completing your profile and by learning about how SFI works by studying LaunchPad. It’s pretty easy to get your first 1500 VP.

To help you get started you can get a New Member Pack.

New member Pack NMP

In the first 10 days after you become a member you can purchase a new member pack for only $20.

Here’s what you get when purchased:

1. You get 50 TCredits as reward.
2. You receive 200 MRP.
3. You get 500 VP.
4. You get 10 Game tokens.
5. You get 30 bonus Daily Crown entries.
6. You get Fast Track status if purchased within the first 10 days in SFI.
7. You get additional 10% share from the Executive Pool on your VP earnings.

I purchased this when I started and it gave me a great boost in building my business. And it’s a good bargain.

Don’t wait get yours today. You can find it here

Another thing you can do is setup an auto-delivery order for Tcredits which will give you the 1500 VP that you need each month to maintain your EA status. You can buy a 125 Tcredit package that will give you the VP needed here

Another way to get your 1500 VP plus get some PSAs and CSAs it is to buy a Builder Bundle each month. Find out more about the Builder Bundle from this post SFI Builder Bundle Another great thing about this bundle is getting PSAs and CSAs for to advance to BTL you will need to have 5 PSAs and to grow your business you need more leads to help you build your business.

The next level you need to get to really start building your business with help from your business is BTL where you have to have 1500 VP plus 5 PSAs.

How to qualify as a BTL every month with the least possible cost!

With the New OPTI-Plan and Designated Diamond Program Becoming a Bronze Team Leader seems to be the buzz phrase these days!

The Bronze Team level is our most focused rank to achieve if you want to align yourself with the benefits of what SFI is offering now to help you reach your goals and desires. Many established Team Leaders realize how important it is to make Bronze and stay on the right road to success while moving forward.

Here is a structured and committed way to help those that want to get there as quickly as possible. No doubt, it’s a plan requiring  a strong commitment and the goodwill to follow it.

1. To-do-list
LET’S START FROM the Affiliate Center, which is our Home Page. If you click on all the Red Tabs each day and turn the colors to green, this will allow you to gain 12pts. By the end of the month, you will achieve 360 pts to apply toward your monthly 1500 Versapoint objective to reach EA Status.

2. Become a Booster Club Member.
You could easily lock in your EA status with a $36.25 TCredits purchase. This would set you at the halfway mark with 1500 Versapoints. Some may see this and show resistance. The focus here is not about spending money as it is never mandatory to spend money in SFI. It has always been by choice. If you set your auto delivery to be on the 1st of the every month, you will always jump out of the gate fast with your Versapoint momentum.

3. Learn how to Increase and roll over your MRP!
Be sure to check the status of your member points each day. Get a mindset that 126 MRP will allow you to buy 1 Credit for free with
102 VP awarded.

Since you have purchased 125 credits, I guess you want to use them to bid at the auctions in order to increase your MRP.

1 credit = 1 bid
1 bid = 1 Versapoint
1 bid also = 5 MRP

Besides the success in biddin, your main objective will be accelerate to the max your MRP. You can do this by bidding at double MRP auctions thus earing  your double MRP! In this way 125 TC used in bidding will transform in 1250 MRP.

1250 Member points  give you 9 new credits (1250 divided by 126 = 9 ).  that you purchase 1 by 1 paying with MRP and awaring you 102 VP x 9.

9 credits = 918 Versapoints (9 x 102)

At this point, this is what you would have in Versapoint Activity.

125 TCredits Booster Club purchase = 1500 VP

125 bids (at the Auctions ) = 125 VP

9 Free Bid Purchase = 918 VP

9 bids = 9 VP

Everyday tabs = 360 VP

for a total of 2912 VP

You will still be able to buy 1 credit free to get another 102 Versapoints which will help you hit the 3000 VP! Continue to repeat the same process over and over every month.

Also be mindful that while at the auctions, you will be participating in the Bid & Build program to get spins that will help you win Affiliates. This will help you sponsor your 5 PSAs needed to qualify. It is also possible to win prizes such as Versapoints, Promo bids, Credits and Member Points in the Daily Grand if you enter each daily or having the constancy to Play T-Time every hour of the day!

It’s clear that starting with those 125 TC it’s enough to be a BTL and start learning. I leave to your fantasy the numerous solutions still possible to improve your earnings. So invent, decide, commit and mainly do it!  More will come with patience but the foundations are built.
Let me Know if I can be of further help!

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